In Verse EP

by Cane Hill Anticult

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Debut EP, rough and ready!


released May 14, 2012

Che Locura - Vocals/Guitars
Mikey Symington - Guitars
John Hyland - Drums



all rights reserved


Cane Hill Anticult Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Reflections/Revelations
Dry, bleeding me dry
bound in a harness
chained to the darkness by my own design
this is my life, this is my time
but I’m dead inside
becoming a monster
a fucking disaster
a facade is all that
I have been
forever deceiving
forever believing
and it’s dragging me
down down down in to the fire
I learn to love the lie

Shadow of perfection
image so sublime
brutalised reflection
never let me die
be my one corruption
hide my ugly bones
seduce me to destruction
and turn my heart to stone

Deep and implacable lust
as I wither to dust
keep my body ever so beautiful
rip through the skin
to see I’m wasting within
I don’t care for my soul
I live for the vices
whatever the price is
I never bore scars for blood I spilt
the drama of murder
was never a burden
but a brilliant thrill,
still dream that none of this is real

Ever denied
under the surface my love still lies
let me go
let me believe
I’m not alone tonight
I’m falling deeper inside
Track Name: Ariel
I gave it time
I walked this road a thousand nights
to find you were standing on the edge
hungry for the end
I’ll hold the glass
so you can see
this shadow of yourself and all you used to be

I see you immersed
(gone head first)
interred in your bones and refusing to hurt

Oh Ariel
don’t waste it all
I know that you’re tired and waiting to fall
you made your decision
I won’t hold you back
embittered, imprisoned we’re fading

watching from the cliffs
feel the wind in your hair, taste the salt on your lips
the swell in your ribs
I’ve been there before
hear the waves beneath you calling
drawing you into their jaws

no longer afraid
wild, riderless horses discharged in your veins

naked in rain
still in the storm and engulfed in the grey
oh baby, I'll wait
wait for the right moment to leap
swan diving into the deep

Oh Ariel
we lost it all
i know you’re exhausted and braced for the fall
to step from your ledge out into the unknown
the black of the ocean will swallow you whole

Oh Ariel
i know that you’re smiling, embracing the fall
you made your decision
you’re not comin back
embittered, imprisoned we’re fading to black
Track Name: Swallowed Verses
When you look back over
When you’re near the end
Will you still remember?
Will you still pretend?
Down beside the water
You turned your eyes aside
Memory left me colder
Fortune kept me blind

I’ve always been
Sentimental, that you know
I’ve been holding on too tight for
Anything to grow

So now I’m burning out and broken
Trying to let you go
If you ever come to hold me
In your heart don’t let it show
Cos if it wasn’t real to start with
Then it won’t be real again
But I won’t end up forgotten
Cos I got beneath your skin

Words that came, now falling
Weightless through my chest
Lost and swallowed verses
Stifled and suppressed
So say all that you want to
Yeah let me have it all
Your eyes always betrayed you
They set you up to fall

I know you’re bored
That you’ve heard it all before
But don’t pretend as if you
Never wanted more

So now you’re burning out and broken
Trying to let me go
If I ever come to hold you
In my heart I won’t let on
Cos if it wasn’t real to start with
Then it won’t be come the end
But you won’t end up forgotten
Cos you got beneath my skin

Now it’s so far gone
I spent the years between
Just waiting, and wishing you’d write me where you are

Now I stand beside the water
With a melody in mind
And I’m trying to find the words
I wrote and buried deep inside
And as I’m sketching out the cadence
I can hear your voice return
In its weight I feel the distance
In its harmony, the burn

The landing hurt
When I fell back down to earth
The journey broke me down
And dragged me through the dirt

So when you’re bowing out and lonely
When the spirit leaves your bones
Know that all this time
I’ve held you in my heart and I won’t let go
And though I never sang those verses
Now I’ll bring them back again
I’m just hoping that you’ll hear me
My dear, departed friend